September 23, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Matt Bevin Facing Even More Pressure for Refusing to Disclose Details about Secretive Flights on State Plane

Over the weekend, Matt Bevin continued to face even more pressure and scrutiny for taking secretive flights around the country on a taxpayer-funded state plane:

Associated Press: “Matt Bevin has run into turbulence over his use of taxpayer-owned aircraft, creating another distraction for a reelection campaign already dogged by feuds with teachers, struggles over state pensions and a legal fight with his lieutenant governor.”

Louisville Courier-Journal: “But the list leaves out at least 20 flights this year in which he used the aircraft to attend political or campaign-related events or used it for reasons that are still unknown to taxpayers.”

Conservative radio host Leland Conway: “Reminder, Governor Bevin: You work for us; it’s a state-owned plane. Answer the damn question. I don’t think the governor’s up to anything nefarious here. Don’t lecture the taxpayers. Stop being the state dad. …Talk with us, don’t lecture us.”

State Journal Editorial Board: “His questioning of why the purpose of his trips on the state plane matter to Kentuckians seems to have only dug himself a deeper hole just a few months out from the November election.”

Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jack Brammer: “I think he hurt himself when he told the Bowling Green newspaper, the Daily News, that taxpayers… ‘it’s none of their business.’ And I thought that was a bad mistake…”

Louisville Courier-Journal’s Phillip Bailey: “There still is a question of the governor when he uses the plane for campaign events or for personal reasons, which he’s admitted he does.”

WFPL: “…he didn’t say when he used it for personal reasons.”

Al Cross: “But I was glad to hear talk-show host Leland Conway of WHAS Radio agree Thursday, saying Bevin should fess up — not just because he has an obligation, but because it’s hurting his campaign.”