October 28, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Matt Bevin Stumbles in Third Debate With “Horrible Moments” And Blatant Lies

At the third governor’s debate on Saturday night, Matt Bevin delivered a disastrous performance and was repeatedly caught in lies, before storming out of the debate and refusing to take questions from reporters.

During the debate, Andy Beshear held Matt Bevin accountable for his false and erratic claim that someone commits suicide in a casino every night. Bevin doubled down on denying his comments, despite recorded audio evidence, leading debate host WLKY to fact-check him in real time.

Bevin suffered yet another self-inflicted wound when he said he had never called teachers names despite his well documented record of callously bullying and insulting educators.

Here’s what others are saying: 

Phillip Bailey, Courier-Journal: “Andy Beshear is getting under Matt Bevin’s skin, and is winning this debate as a result. The casino moment and the teacher comment were horrible moments for the governor. Period.

Associated Press: “Matt Bevin exposed himself to a new attack by flatly denying his recorded claim that suicides happen nightly in casinos.”

Ryland Barton, WFPL: “During WLKY debate, Gov Bevin denied that he said people kill themselves in casinos every night. He did.”

Daniel Desrochers, Herald Leader:Bevin just stumbled over his answer on whether he has insulted a teacher.”

Terry Meiners: “Either the governor completely forgot saying it, intentionally denied saying it to rewrite history, had a brain fart, or oddly gambled that his opponent couldn’t find the tape. Beshear: BLACKJACK!

WHAS: “Governor Matt Bevin and attorney general Andy Beshear traded jabs throughout the third debate, but one moment in particular caught everyone’s attention. The tense exchange happened when Bevin countered Beshear against legalizing casino gambling in the state.”

Courier-Journal: “At debate, Gov. Matt Bevin denies saying people commit suicide in casinos. He did.”

Michon Lindstrom, Spectrum News: “Bevin left the debate without speaking to the media.”


“Saturday’s debate was a stunning blow to Matt Bevin, showing once again that he’s temperamentally and substantively unfit to be governor,” said Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson. “Matt Bevin could not run from his disastrous record of bullying teachers and trying to illegally cut pensions for public servants – instead of creating new streams of revenue. As a result, Bevin had no choice but to blatantly lie – even about things clearly recorded on tape and video – and then hide from the press. He should start tonight’s debate by owning up for insulting teachers and making up unhinged claims about casinos and suicides.”