August 14, 2020 Blog, Press Release

McConnell Chooses August Vacation Instead of COVID Relief

In a stunning move yesterday, Mitch McConnell decided to recess the U.S. Senate until after Labor Day without having passed another round of federal relief to help handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

McConnell’s decision comes as it is increasingly obvious that several recent executive orders are toothless or ineffective. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has said a recent federal executive order dealing with unemployment insurance is “unworkable for states.” And McConnell’s endorsement to defund Social Security and Medicare may end up costing workers more in the next year and is optional for employers. 

It also means McConnell has completely given up on his failure of a bill, not even putting it on the floor for a vote. The U.S. House of Representatives passed their latest round of relief legislation back in May, but McConnell chose to ignore it. Meanwhile, Kentuckians are furious at McConnell’s lack of help.

Here’s what else they’re saying about McConnell’s decision to recess the Senate: