May 14, 2020 Blog, Press Release

McConnell, KY GOP still taking money from controversial donor who pushed for a pardon of convicted killer

Despite publicly distancing themselves from former governor Matt Bevin’s controversial pardons, Kentucky Republicans are still taking campaign cash from a donor who pushed to free a convicted killer.

Terry Forcht has given nearly $15,000 to Republican campaigns and the Republican Party of Kentucky since news reports of his influence to secure a pardon for Patrick Baker was revealed in December.

Forcht contributed  $2,000 directly to Senator Mitch McConnell in addition to hosting a fundraiser for McConnell at his home in February, the Courier-Journal reported. Forcht has also given $7,000 to the Republican Party of Kentucky, $2,800 to Congressman Andy Barr and $2,800 to Senator Rand Paul. Forcht’s wife, Marion, has contributed an additional $11,900 to McConnell, RPK and Barr.

“It’s clear Mitch and many Kentucky Republicans continue to talk out both sides of their mouth regarding support for Matt Bevin’s controversial tenure as Governor,” Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said. “Terry Forcht advocated for one of Bevin’s most controversial pardons. Many Republicans publicly criticized the pardons at the time, and now we find out they’ve been rubbing elbows with one of the main players at private fundraisers. They need to return the money and apologize to the public for their dishonesty.”