September 9, 2020 Blog, Press Release

McConnell Leaves Kentucky Behind With Another Big Tax Giveaway

After failing to lead in August, Mitch McConnell has released another COVID-19 “relief” bill which he claims the Senate will actually vote on this time.

That’s because according to the Washington Post, McConnell has lined the bill with giveaways to entice GOP senators to vote on it, including a two-year tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations to donate to private school “scholarships.”

While Sen. Ted Cruz pushed such legislation, education advocates in Kentucky have for years called such a measure “tax loopholes created for corporations and wealthy individuals, cloaked as charity for poor children” that “allows the donor to make money.”

McConnell also has left out another round of much-needed direct stimulus payments to hardworking Kentuckians.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said McConnell is once again using a crisis to bail out his wealthy donors while leaving Kentuckians behind.

“When Kentuckians are hurting, Mitch McConnell is always there to give a tax break to his wealthy donors and corporations instead. Kentuckians need help now, but McConnell continues to abandon us in our time of need. Kentucky deserves better. We deserve a leader, like Amy McGrath, who will fight for us every day, not just when it’s convenient.”  McNee said.