July 22, 2020 Blog, Press Release

McConnell’s Latest Ad: “COVID Truthers,” Racist Social Media posts, and Parents of RPK Employees…Oh My

Mitch McConnell’s latest TV ad features a cast of eyebrow raising characters: individuals who have mocked the coronavirus pandemic, a company whose vice president routinely posts racist, inflammatory content on social media, and a woman appears to have been recruited to be in the ad via Mitch McConnell’s Senate office.

Here’s what you need to know about the individuals and businesses McConnell chose to feature in his new ad:

Melanie Kaufman, Precise Services Inc., and Racist Vice President James Baker

Both The Commonwealth Of Kentucky & Federal Government Filed Tax Liens Against Precise Services, Inc., For Thousands Of Dollars. According to a Nexis Comprehensive Business Report, the Commonwealth of Kentucky filed a $4,125 tax lien against Precise Services, Inc., on March 15, 2019. [Nexis, Comprehensive Business Report- Precise Services, Inc., accessed 7/21/20]





According to a Nexis Comprehensive Business Report, the IRS filed a $2,351 tax lien against Precise Services, Inc., on January 4, 2005. [Nexis, Comprehensive Business Report- Precise Services, Inc., accessed 7/21/20]





Precise Services Inc. employs a man named James Baker. According to his facebook page, Baker is vice president of the company and is currently the administrator of the company’s facebook page.









Mr. Baker routinely posts abhorrent, inflammatory, and racist content on social media.  On June 24, for example, Baker advocated for police officers to “open fire and kill everyone” in response to Black Lives Matter protests in Tampa, Fla.

On June 25, he posted a conspiracy theory about how the coronavirus pandemic is part of a “New World Order.”  On June 27, in response to a video featuring several Democratic elected officials, Baker says “All of these POS (piece of shit) animals are a waste of air. I hope their lives are short and miserable.”

On June 27 and July 3, he posted conspiracy theories about the use of masks to fight the pandemic. And As recently as July 7th, Mr. Baker posted on  Facebook that  African American producer and media personality, Snoop Dog, is  “filthy, nasty, ugly, worthless.”

McConnell’s association with Baker’s company is just the latest string of incidents McConnell has had with racist people and imagery — including employing one in his Senate office in 2018, defending his slave-owning ancestors, and hiring a consultant with a history of racist posts.
















Timmy Farmer — Farmer’s Auto 

Farmer, who appears at the beginning of the ad saying “the coronavirus created a crisis for Kentucky”, but posted a meme on April 18 questioning how dangerous the COVID-19 pandemic really is.








Jennifer Washburn — iKids Childhood Enrichment Center

Jennifer Washburn, who is featured in the middle of the ad, appears to have been first contacted by McConnell’s Senate office about her PPP loan, according to a Facebook post from April 25:







After speaking directly with McConnell’s office about a PPP loan, her family started being contacted by campaign and party officials and now she’s appearing in a campaign ad and her son appears to have been given a job at the Republican Party of Kentucky according to his Facebook page.









Washburn has also given conflicting information regarding her business during the pandemic. In the ad, Washburn claims that a PPP loan “saved her business,” but in sworn testimony in front of a Boone County judge in a controversial lawsuit challenging Kentucky’s COVID-19 restrictions on July 16, Washburn said the pandemic has cost her “$58,000” and that she would have to close her doors in October (pages 7 and 8 of the hyperlinked opinion).

According to the Kentucky Secretary of State, iKids, Inc., is pending dissolution and in bad standing. [Kentucky Secretary of State, LLC Search, accessed 7/20/20]