January 24, 2019 Blog

Millionaire Matt Bevin dismisses government shutdown, says “no one is struggling”

On Thursday, Matt Bevin dismissed the struggle of more than 6,000 Kentuckians affected by the government shutdown in a radio interview with WKDZ in Cadiz, Ky.

Responding to a question about Medicaid and Medicare funding during the month-long government shutdown, Bevin brushed off the questions and concerns of Kentuckians who have now gone more than a month without getting paid.

Bevin showed he has no understanding of how many Kentuckians struggle financially on a daily basis. Bevin initially dismissed that the government shutdown was affecting  any Kentuckians, before backpedaling in saying a “few” were. He then says government workers in Kentucky can apply for unemployment insurance, “they have to decide if it’s worth the trouble if they want to go through the paperwork,” Bevin said. “No one is being left out to dry.”

“Once again Bevin showed his true colors today. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to struggle paycheck-to-paycheck, and he believes no one in our state struggles financially. It’s absurd.” Marisa McNee, a spokeswoman for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said.



“Those things are considered essential services, Medicaid and Medicare dollars, continue to flow. So for anyone who is receiving Medicaid and Medicare dollars, they are not at all affected by this government shutdown. So it’s really a non effect. I think people in Kentucky are not affected. There are a few federal employees, not a few, there are a number of federal employees that live in Kentucky. But they’re eligible for unemployment insurance if they need it. Of course they will then have to pay it back, so they’ll have to decide if it’s worth the trouble of going through the paperwork. If they truly are in need they can apply for unemployment insurance, they can receive unemployment insurance and when they are retroactively paid for this time, which they will be, then all of that money will have to be given back. But there’s, nobody is being left out to dry.”



“I’ve had a horrible year last year. I buried my son. I buried my mother. Everything was spent that we had saved,” she said. “I don’t understand how politics can take my home, my car and my family away.” — WDRB, Jan. 10.

“The shutdown has hurt federal workers across the country, giving rise to stories of people having to visit food pantries, take part-time jobs even as they work an unpaid job, and ask family and friends for help.” — Lexington Herald-Leader, Jan. 18.

“I spoke with an officer just a couple days ago and he has newborn babies and one of them is on special formula that costs $38 every two days. It’s just essentials that families need that you can’t get at food banks,” said Goode. — WKMS, Jan. 21.