April 5, 2021 Blog, Press Release

New Information Raises More Questions About McConnell’s involvement in Chao Investigation

New reporting on the inspector general investigation into former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao raises questions about her husband’s role in covering up Chao’s transgressions.

Late on Friday, DCReport.org connected the dots between the IG investigation into Chao and the quick confirmation of a new inspector general at the Transportation Department, thanks to her husband, Mitch McConnell.

According to the DCReport, the results of the investigation, which were referred to the Justice Department for prosecution, were delivered to one part of the Justice Department on Dec. 16. It was passed along to a different part of the Justice Department one day later. Then, McConnell stepped in to stop the inspector general who investigated Chao.

From DCReport:

The reaction was swift. That same day, Dec. 17, McConnell, Chao’s husband, abruptly brought to the Senate floor a vote to confirm Trump’s nominee to be the new Transportation inspector general. The first vote failed but ultimately on Dec. 21 the nominee was confirmed on a party-line vote of 48 to 47. That ended Behm’s acting role. Of the five inspectors general that Trump tried to fire, the only one removed was the one investigating McConnell’s wife.

The IG report laid out numerous instances of Chao using DOT employees to promote that business, her father who founded it and her sister who currently runs Foremost Group. That runs into direct conflict with Chao’s and McConnell’s previous statements about their involvement in the business.

Here are the questions Mitch McConnell needs to answer for the benefit of all Kentuckians:

1. Did you push to confirm a new inspector general at the Transportation Department to stop the continued referral of the report to the Justice Department?

2. Why was the Transportation Department inspector general the only one replaced?

3. Did you misuse your position as then majority leader of the Senate to cover up the investigation and potential prosecution of your wife?

4. Why did you lie to Kentuckians about Secretary Chao’s involvement with the Foremost Group, claiming on July 8, 2020 that neither you or your wife had a connection to the Foremost Group, when in reality Secretary Chao was directing DOT staff to help with publicity interviews at the headquarters of the business?

5. Did you speak to anyone at the Trump White House, Department of Justice or a US Attorney about the investigation of your wife?

6. Now that it has been revealed that Secretary Chao was heavily involved with her father, her sister and the Foremost Group, did either of you play a role in the Foremost Group applying for and receiving a PPP loan when so many Kentucky businesses were not able to secure a loan?

7. Will you support the Department of Justice now taking a second look at the inspector general’s report and pursuing it without interference from you or Secretary Chao?