October 15, 2019 Blog, Press Release

New Legislation Exposes Matt Bevin’s Secretive Use of Taxpayer-Funded State Planes

In case you missed it, State Representatives Derrick Graham, Joni Jenkins and Angie Hatton unveiled new legislative proposals that would boost transparency in government, including new rules to require the governor to disclose the use of state-owned aircraft for personal or political purposes.

This comes as Matt Bevin is still under fire for his secretive use of taxpayer-funded state planes. Bevin even told taxpayers how he uses state-owned aircraft for personal and political purposes is “none of their business.”

They also proposed legislation to require candidates for statewide office to release their tax returns, which Matt Bevin has refused to do.

Here’s what news reports across Kentucky are saying:

“In recent weeks, Governor Matt Bevin’s use of the state plane for personal and political reasons has been questioned.” – LEX 18

“In addition to facing criticism over the past month for saying the purpose of his non-official travel aboard state aircraft was none of taxpayers’ business, Bevin also broke with tradition by not releasing any of his tax returns when he first ran for governor in 2015.” – Louisville Courier-Journal

“House Democrats push Bevin to provide more information on his use of state plane.” – Lexington Herald-Leader

“Those include requiring all candidates for statewide constitutional office to release three years of tax returns, limit the time political contributions can be given to pay off a winning governor’s campaign loans, and it would increase reporting of state resources used for personal or political reasons. That includes the state taxpayer funded airplane, which Governor Bevin’s use of has been under fire in recent weeks.” – WKYT