January 4, 2021 Blog, Press Release

New Poll: Strong Support for Gov. Beshear; Low Approval for GOP Majority in the State Legislature

A new poll shows Kentuckians strongly support Gov. Andy Beshear and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including the mask requirement. In contrast, the new poll found low approval ratings for the Republican Majority in the state legislature.

The poll, conducted December 14- 17 by Garin-Hart-Yang research (see polling memo) , shows 59 percent overall approval (55 percent among Independents) for Governor Beshear, while 58 percent of Kentuckians approve of Gov. Beshear’s handling of the pandemic.

Additionally, 77 percent of Kentuckians (66 percent of Republicans) support Gov. Beshear’s order that requires people to wear masks in indoor settings.

The poll shows dismal approval ratings for the Republican majority in the state legislature at 37 percent, and with almost no bipartisan support. A paltry 8 percent of Democrats give the Republican majority a “positive” rating.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge applauded Gov. Beshear’s actions in keeping Kentuckians safe and had a stern warning for the GOP majority:

“Governor Beshear has been willing to make the hard decisions necessary to keep Kentuckians safe and alive during this worldwide pandemic. It has been clear since day one that Governor Beshear was committed to putting public health above politics. These poll numbers are a reflection of that reality: Kentuckians overwhelmingly trust Governor Beshear to make the right decisions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” said Elridge.

“The Republcan majority in the state legislature, on the other hand, is losing ground with the public every day. They have engaged in petty partisan attacks on our Governor in a difficult time for our state, and as a result, the public does not trust them. They’ve objected to life saving recommendations and actions because they have no other agenda than to fight this Governor and post pictures of “disobedience” on social media. Meanwhile our small businesses, schools, and families pay the price for their temper tantrums. Drunk with power and little moral compass is never a good look. This poll is a reflection of the failures of the GOP majority gone wild in Kentucky and proof that the people of Kentucky have been watching. They know that when it comes to the failed leadership of Republicans in Frankfort, we deserve better,” concluded Elridge