July 2, 2019 Blog, Press Release

New Video: KDP Calls Out Bevin’s $1,000 Bet to Produce Evidence of Him Bullying Teachers

The Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing a new video today in response to Matt Bevin’s $1,000 bet to find audio and video of him bullying teachers.

Over the weekend, Matt Bevin told WKYT in response to a question about how he’s attacked educators, “I’ll pay $1,000 in cash to anybody who can produce any evidence that I ever actually said that.”

The new video highlights how Bevin previously said Kentucky educators have a “thug mentality,” and blamed teachers for children being abused. The governor also compared teachers to “drowning victims” that “you just need to knock them out and drag them to shore.”

“It’s laughable that Matt Bevin doesn’t think Kentuckians have seen and heard him bully teachers. Working families know this governor doesn’t value public education or the hard work of teachers — and he’s even admitted he has no regrets. It’s part of the reason he’s widely known as the least popular governor in the entire country,” said KDP Spokesperson Marisa McNee. “While we won’t hold our breath for Matt Bevin to send us a check, we are going to continue holding this governor accountable for attacking our neighbors, friends, and family who are educators.”