September 12, 2018 Blog

No More Games with Kentuckians’ Health

It’s no secret Kentucky ranks poorly when it comes to various health statistics.

But when our state expanded access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, people who went years without health care finally started going to the doctor. They went to the dentist. They have long simmering health issues finally treated. We saw huge gains in the health of our neighbors, friends and family.

Gains that Matt Bevin wants to completely undo, just so he can impress some people in Washington D.C. He said as recently as last week that if he loses another court case –a frequent thing for him — this time on his unnecessary work requirements for everyone on Medicaid, he’s going to undo the expansion.

That’s right, he’s going to take away healthcare for 400,000 people, who the governor admits the vast majority are working but aren’t offered health care by their employers, because he didn’t get his way.

The best way to fight back is to elect Democrats who won’t allow the whims of a governor affect the lives of so many Kentuckians’ by denying their health care.

Can you donate today to help us elect those Democrats?

We need to continue to build on those health care gains we’ve made. We know that when people are healthy, our communities as a whole do better.

So send a message to Matt Bevin that it’s more important for our people to be healthy than for him to impress D.C. party leaders.

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