September 1, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Not Just a Bevin Problem: Republican Party of Kentucky Launches Attack on Kentucky Teachers

In new social media posts this morning, Kentucky Republicans called into question Kentucky teachers’ professionalism and have politicized virtual learning in Kentucky.

It’s just the latest proof that the attacks on teachers, and anti-public education agenda, weren’t just a Matt Bevin issue – it’s the standard for all Kentucky Republican elected officials and candidates.

The post claims that Kentucky teachers “promote anti-American greatness” and “want to keep our schools shut.”









It’s a shocking message given the reality on the ground in Kentucky. The first public school district that started with in-person classes in mid-August has already had to switch to virtual learning, and there continues to be increasing case numbers in schools that are currently doing in-person learning.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said Kentucky Republicans have finally shown their true colors when it comes to supporting public education and our educators.

“This latest attack shows that Matt Bevin wasn’t an outlier, but rather a reflection of how Kentucky Republicans feel about our teachers and educators. While teachers are adapting their lessons on the fly, working to keep students fed and families safe, Kentucky Republicans are attacking them. It’s never been more clear — Kentucky Republicans do not support our teachers,”  McNee said.