September 5, 2018 Blog

Our working families can’t wait any longer

For the last two years our working families have had it rough in Frankfort. First, it was the passage of “right-to-work” for less legislation, where our union brothers and sisters were shut out of the committee rooms, ignored and their rights trampled over all in a matter of days.

Then came prevailing wage repeal, workers compensation changes and tax increases on 95 percent of Kentuckians, just to give GOP donors a tax break. To be honest, it can be demoralizing.

But we can’t let our working families continue to suffer under Matt Bevin and his Republican friends. We have to fight back.

And we need your help to do it.

Despite their rosy proclamations about growing jobs, we know that these are mostly low wage jobs and our rural areas are struggling to get any new jobs at all. It’s created a system where those at the top stay at the top and the rest of us have to fend for the scraps.

But as Democrats, we know that what works best is building from the middle out. We must fight back and repeal “right-to-work” for less, we must have a tax system where the wealthy don’t have loopholes while the rest of us pay, and we must help make a better life for all families.

In order to do this, we have to elect enough Democrats to win back the State House and set up a takeover of the State Senate in 2020. And we need your financial help to do so.

We just celebrated Labor Day. Can you give $5 in honor of our labor unions who fought for 40-hour work weeks, paid holidays and more?

Donate here.