April 6, 2021 Blog, Press Release

Rand Paul Calls for Hundreds of Kentuckians to Lose Their Jobs

In a desperate attempt to maintain what little national relevance he may have, Rand Paul went on Fox News yesterday to lead the charge on a boycott of Coca-Cola products because the company has been an outspoken critic of the controversial election law in Georgia.

A boycott would jeopardize more than 800 Kentuckians’ jobs, according to USA Today reporter Phillip M. Bailey.

Coca-Cola Consolidated operates four facilities in Kentucky — Louisville, Lexington, Paducah and Pikeville — and announced in 2018 a fifth location in Erlanger that would create more than 400 well-paying jobs.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee criticized Paul for letting his national ambitions put Kentucky jobs at risk.

“Once again, Rand Paul is focused on things other than Kentucky. In a desperate attempt to position himself as a national figure, Paul is willing to risk hundreds, if not thousands, of Kentuckians’ jobs. Kentucky deserves better.”