July 29, 2021 Blog, Press Release

Rand Paul Continues Family Tradition of Losing Terribly Despite Cheating

In a continuation of the Paul family ruse of claiming to hate government, while spending their entire adult lives cashing government paychecks, and routinely breaking the law while doing so, the Courier-Journal is reporting that Rand Paul has been fined by the FEC for his bottom-feeding 2016 presidential campaign.

The newspaper reports Paul has been fined $21,000.

From the Courier-Journal:

Adav Noti, senior director and chief of staff for the nonpartisan, Washington, D.C.-based Campaign Legal Center, said the $21,000 fine is not insignificant.
“In the big picture, the FEC is legendary for not really penalizing anybody, so any penalty of significance from the FEC is noteworthy,” he said.”

Rand’s father, Ron, is no stranger to campaign finance violations. Three aides to Ron’s 2012 presidential campaign were found guilty of campaign finance violations in 2016, including Jesse Benton, who also ran Rand’s 2016 losing campaign that violated campaign finance rules.

Several of them served jail time for the offenses.