May 25, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Representative Maddox Must Resign

The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Rep. Savannah Maddox to resign after photos surfaced of her with a man accused of participating in the hanging of Governor Beshear in effigy at a rally Sunday afternoon.

While Maddox did not attend the rally on Sunday, the photo shows Maddox standing at a previous rally with the leader of the Kentucky 3 Percenters, a chapter of a larger white supremacy group. Photos from several media outlets seem to identify the same man in the photo hanging the effigy of the governor.

It’s also the second time Maddox has been photographed standing with a member of the group. Rather than apologize and formally denounce the group, Maddox has picked fights on Twitter both times.

In a statement, KDP chair Ben Self said Maddox has proven she is not fit to represent the Commonwealth.

“Rep. Maddox had a chance to do the right thing and apologize and disavow the white supremacists she instigated at previous rallies. Now, thanks to increasingly radical rhetoric from Maddox and others, a real threat has been made at the Governor’s home, where he resides with his children. This comes after the Kentucky State Police have already arrested others for threats to the governor. Elected officials can’t feed the fire of hate and not be responsible for the results. It’s time for Rep. Maddox to resign and if she refuses to do so, for House Republican Leadership to strip her of committee assignments and pressure her resignation as well.” 

In addition to calling for Maddox’s resignation, the KDP is calling for Republican elected officials and Republican operatives to tone down their rhetoric toward the governor.

Since the pandemic started, The Republican Party of Kentucky has been too focused on tearing down Gov. Beshear, rather than working together to help keep Kentuckians safe.

A few weeks ago, both U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul called the governor “drunk with power” and McConnell specifically referenced Stay-at-Home orders as keeping people “locked up.”

After initially supporting the governor, Attorney General Daniel Cameron caved to pressure from the same folks who protested yesterday and repeatedly sued the governor, including one lawsuit where Cameron argued for Sunday’s protestors to gather in large groups in defiance of Stay At Home orders.

And Republican representatives and senators have been seen at several protests since the pandemic began, often using inflammatory, dangerous language.

Democratic leaders and the party are unified in their calls for the rhetoric to change:

“This is enough and it needs to end,” House Democratic Leadership said. “These protests and actions have gone way too far, past the point of respectful disagreement about the governor’s policies. These protests have been implicitly condoned by elected representatives from the legislature’s majority party and it must stop. There have been several threats made against the governor and he and his family do not deserve to live in fear just because the governor wants to keep Kentuckians safe during a pandemic.”

“It is clear that these protests have gone too far,” Senate Democratic Leader Morgan McGarvey said. “The vitriol we saw yesterday comes from the very top and it must end immediately. No governor and their children should live in fear at their home and elected officials should do everything they can to tamp down this rhetoric, publicly condemn it and work to remove it from their party.”

“This is not, nor has it ever been, the time for political games. We are in the middle of a pandemic and Kentuckians are getting sick and dying every single day,” Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the KDP, said. “It’s one thing to have political differences, but the Republican Party of Kentucky must learn to disagree respectfully and purge their party of people who incite and condone such actions, immediately. Once again, this is a serious health crisis.Republicans should condemn these actions now and find ways to be helpful — not petty — during this pandemic.”