August 27, 2018 Blog

Send Bevin a Message

Did you see Saturday’s news?

Governor Matt Bevin, after weeks of avoiding the question, finally admitted he was going to run for re-election in 2019. After all of his attacks on teachers, first responders and our working families, he’s arrogant enough to believe Kentuckians want four more years of the same treatment.

We know differently.  But if we don’t defeat his friends that have supported his agenda in the state legislature this November, it will be harder to send Bevin packing in 2019.

So send Bevin a message about his re-election: donate to Kentucky Democrats today.

We’ve already picked off one of the most anti-public education legislators in the General Assembly, Jonathan Shell, who lost to a teacher in the GOP primary.

But if we want to stop Bevin, we’ve got to defeat even more. Enough to take back the State House and focus the agenda back on working families.

We need your help to do that.

Donate to send Matt Bevin a message.