June 22, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Shocking Video Reveals McConnell Defending Confederate Flag, Honoring Slave-Owning Ancestors

Another chapter in Mitch McConnell’s long history of dog whistling and defense of the Confederacy was brought to the forefront over the weekend, after a Kentucky-based investigative journalist unearthed old videos and writings about McConnell’s defense of the Confederate flag in the 1990s.

The twitter thread documents how McConnell supported an attempt by racist U.S. Senator Jesse Helms to give a patent protecting the Confederate flag to a sympathetic group. In a video, McConnell says “I revere those forefathers of mine… because they did what they thought was appropriate in their time” and that he voted for the patent “out of respect for my ancestors and their roots which ran deep in the south.”

McConnell’s ancestors owned slaves.

After the vote, McConnell also had no problem receiving multiple accolades from Confederacy-supporting organizations — including receiving an award in front of a huge Confederate flag. McConnell again said he was “proud” of the vote.

“Mitch owes Kentuckians an explanation and an apology. Period. Full stop,” Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said.