January 9, 2019 Blog

Stand with Jim Glenn

Democratic Representative Jim Glenn needs your help. House Republicans are trying to take Rep. Glenn’s seat and give it to his Republican opponent DJ Johnson. Glenn won his election in Owensboro by one vote, a result that’s been certified twice.

Rather than accept both the county clerk and the state Board of Election certifications of Glenn’s victory or the will of the people of his district, Republican leadership convened a committee to hear the election contest filed by losing candidate DJ Johnson over the objection of House Democrats.

The committee has 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

That’s right, a partisan legislative body appointed a committee dominated by Republicans to decide the fate of a Democratic state representative. It’s an assault on our democracy, and it’s shameful.

Here’s what Jim needs you to do: call your state representative at 1-800-372-7181 and tell them to vote to accept the findings of both the County Board of Elections and the State Board of elections who certified Representative Glenn as the winner of the election in the 13th House District.

We’re used to Kentucky GOP trickery and shenanigans by now, but we cannot let this go unanswered. The stakes are too high.

Will you fight back with me and stand with Jim? Call your state representative now at 1-800-372-7181. Rep. Glenn needs you.