September 19, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Under Growing Political and Media Pressure, Matt Bevin Releases Incomplete List of State Plane Trips That Raises More Questions

After more than a week of growing pressure for refusing to disclose where and why he took the taxpayer-funded state plane 67 times to nearly 30 states, Matt Bevin finally put out a blatantly disingenuous statement from his official office.

Matt Bevin’s office only released flight logs for his official travel while still refusing to come clean about his use of the state plane for personal and political reasons. As just one example, Matt Bevin’s list refuses to explain why the state plane went on a previously reported trip to Miami on August 28th.

He previously told the Bowling Green Daily News that even though Kentuckians own the plane, it is “none of their business” where he flies it:

“The real question is: Why does it matter what the purpose (of the trip) is? Did taxpayers pay for it? If they did, then they should know the purpose. If they didn’t pay for it, it’s none of their business.”

“This latest stunt by Matt Bevin raises more questions than it answers. The governor needs to stop hiding the ball and show Kentuckians the respect they deserve. This is our plane and we deserve straight forward answers about where he is flying it and why, including all personal and political travel,” said Marisa McNee with the Kentucky Democratic Party. “This is just one more example of the arrogance and secrecy that has been a regular feature of Matt Bevin’s administration.

In the past couple days, Bevin has been criticized by the Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader and was even called out by conservative talk radio host Leland Conway.