October 9, 2019 Blog, Press Release

VIDEO: Bevin Attacks Protesting Teachers in Ashland: “If You Genuinely Cared About This Town You’d Be On The Other Side” of Street

In case you missed it, Matt Bevin was greeted in Ashland this weekend with crowds of teachers protesting to hold him accountable for his bullying and insulting of educators.

While the group of educators were across the street from his event, Matt Bevin walked over to confront and insult a teacher, saying:

“If you genuinely cared about this town you’d be on the other side.”

Matt Bevin then doubled down and began berating them from podium. Even going so far as to tell teachers – who dedicate their lives to Kentucky’s students – “If you truly care about this community you’d come on over and be a part of the community.

As the video shows Matt Bevin says:

“Let me say to you across the street. You all are educators correct? The ones that are setting the example every day for our students, you’re the one who are in the classroom. I’m asking you to come across the street and have a conversation with us. If you live in Boyd County, if you live in Boyd County, and you care about care about Boyd County, you want to be on this side of the street…

“But understand this in all seriousness. The reason you’re on that side of the street is only because you want to be. If you really genuinely want what is best you could be on this side and join in the celebration. In all seriousness, the very behavior that you’re exemplifying, you would – any child who acted this way at recess or in your schools, you would not accept it. And the fact that, as adults, you’re modeling this for the children that are here, says a lot more about why you’re really here. If you truly care about this community you’d come on over and be a part of the community.

Throughout the video teachers chanted: “Eastern Kentucky is not for sale.”

“Matt Bevin’s latest confrontation towards teachers is just another example of his bullying and disrespect towards the people who dedicate their lives to educating the next generation of Kentuckians,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “For Bevin to suggest that teachers – many of whom take up second jobs to make ends meet – don’t care about their community is wrong. The Commonwealth of Kentucky deserves a new governor who will actually listen to our educators and do what’s right for students and public schools.”