July 17, 2019 Blog, Press Release

VIDEO: Bevin Blasts Teachers…Again

On Wednesday, Governor Matt Bevin turned in a lackluster and low-energy performance to an audience at the Kentucky Farm Bureau, but did manage to insult and demean teachers, stating they were “angry” for “reasons that they don’t even fully understand.”

Following the forum, the governor grew visibly angry and frustrated with members of the press, lashing out at reporters during questions and answers.

You can watch a video of his comments here.

Bevin has previously said Kentucky educators have a “thug mentality,” and blamed teachers for children being abused. The governor also compared teachers to “drowning victims” that “you just need to knock them out and drag them to shore.”

 “No one knows better than our public school teachers what is at stake in funding public pensions and education. Today was just one more example of Matt Bevin being condescending and dismissive to our educators. He continues to show a complete lack of respect for the men and women who work every day in our schools. Matt Bevin is a bully, and it’s time for new leadership. Kentucky deserves better,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party.