July 3, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Video: Fired Hampton Aide Says Corruption in Bevin Administration

In an appearance on Hey Kentucky! hosted by Matt Jones on Tuesday evening, former aide to Lt. Governor Hampton, Adrienne Southworth, said there is corruption in the governor’s office and cast doubt on the explanation for her firing.

Southworth on corruption in the Bevin Administration:

“The thing is, it’s always about protecting power, and there is corruption involved in government at many levels. And whenever that’s not ferreted out correctly, and the ones who know about it, you know how that goes, so you can’t have somebody that’s a truth-teller get too close and see too much.”

“Don’t listen to what people are saying, don’t take their word for it…if stuff doesn’t make sense there is a political or corrupt piece to it. I promise you that, there is a political or a corrupt piece to it. ”

Southworth on her termination by Bevin Administration:

“Anything they can come up with they scratched together a month after the fact, you know, that doesn’t even make any sense…I think the issue we have here, is if you put it all on a chart of everything he said, it can’t all possibly be true, because there are so many things that contradict each other even. Not even including other people’s comments.”

A copy of Southworth’s personnel file, which covers her employment in the lieutenant governor’s office, does not mention any wrongdoing that led to her termination. In early June, Matt Bevin said he didn’t know “anything about the circumstances leading to the dismissal” of Southworth, according to AP.

A couple weeks later, Bevin’s chief of staff was forced to take credit for firing Southworth, which led to a scathing statement from Lt. Governor Hampton, saying Bevin’s chief of staff was a “partisan hack” who “overstepped his boundaries.”

Watch the video of Southworth’s interview here.