June 13, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Was Firing of Lt. Gov. Staff Part of Bevin Admin Cover-up?

On Thursday morning, the Courier Journal unveiled the latest in the nasty GOP family feud between Matt Bevin and his own Lt. Governor, revealing that Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff was fired after “investigating” the Bevin administration.

According to the Courier Journal, Southworth “began digging into the circumstances behind the dismissal of the office’s chief of staff, Steve Knipper, in February. By late May, Adrienne Southworth also found herself out of work.”

Lt. Governor Hampton’s recently fired staffer told the Courier Journal: “When things don’t smell right, you just kind of start looking into them… My supervisor was fired. I knew that that wasn’t right and needed to figure out why.”

This new development in the Hampton staffing scandal comes as Bevin has been “entangled in a spat” with his own Lt. Governor after she started a firestorm by saying “dark forces” were at work in the Bevin administration. Hampton only has one staffer left in the lieutenant governor’s office.

The Kentucky Democratic Party has previously called on Bevin to answer numerous questions including: “Why was Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff fired without her knowledge?” The KDP has also called out Ralph Alvarado, Bevin’s running mate and replacement for Hampton, for hiding and remaining silent on this major GOP family feud.

“The plot of Matt Bevin’s disastrous GOP family feud thickens, and this sure sounds like a cover-up. What is Matt Bevin hiding and why is he firing his own lieutenant governor’s staff without her knowledge?” Said Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee. “Matt Bevin needs to end his cover-up and come clean with Kentuckians. Ralph Alvarado also needs to break his silence and stop hiding from this developing scandal.”