July 10, 2019 Blog, Press Release

WDRB Reports on Bevin Admin Cronyism: “Kentucky pays state money to nonprofit led by state official”

A new WDRB report is revealing troubling cronyism in the Bevin Administration, writing: “Matt Bevin’s economic development cabinet paid $720,000 in state money last month to a private organization whose president is also a high-ranking official within the same cabinet.”

At the center of this controversy is a no-bid $8.5 million contract that Bevin’s economic Development Cabinet awarded to Commonwealth Center for Commercialization (C3). According to WDRB, the leadership of C3 includes current and former Bevin administration officials who are closely linked to the Economic Development Cabinet. In particular, Brian Mefford, who already makes $120,000 in Bevin’s Cabinet for Economic Development, is the president of C3.

The report makes clear that “legislators last month refused to endorse” the controversial contract, but the Bevin administration went ahead and started cutting taxpayer-funded checks to C3 anyway.

Republican State Sen. Stephen Meredith told WDRB he was “going to have some real big issues” and “If that’s the case, that’s a problem.”

“Even Republican officials are calling out the corrupt failures of Matt Bevin’s administration. While Kentuckians work hard to support their families, this governor uses his office to line the pockets of his allies and buddies,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “That’s wrong and Matt Bevin’s administration should immediately pull this contract.”