October 2, 2018 Blog

We need to elect more women

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all recently, something has become abundantly clear: We need to elect more women to office.

And it’s not just one office or one area. We need more Democratic women calling the shots at the local level, in the Capitol in Frankfort, and in the halls of Congress in Washington D.C.

This year I graduated from Emerge Kentucky, an organization that trains Democratic women to run for office. Many of my classmates are on the ballot this year. I am inspired every day by their passion, commitment, and hard work.

I know that if we elect them–and the other amazing Democratic women on the ballot–they will fight for policies that positively impact all Kentuckians.

And we can do that, with your help.

If we want to stop the behavior we see in Frankfort, we need to elect people like the 51 women we have running for State House or State Senate this year.

If we want to stop it in D.C., we need Amy McGrath to be the Congresswoman for the Sixth Congressional District.

I’m proud to be a Democrat because we elevate women’s voices. That’s why the Kentucky Democratic Party launched a Women’s Initiative this year. We care about electing more women to office.

$5 today, will help elect these Democratic women we have on the ticket on November 6.

Together, we can end the toxic culture we see both in Frankfort and in D.C.

Please give $5 or more today and then vote for Democratic women on November 6. Polls are open from 6 a.m to 6 p.m.