August 29, 2018 Blog

We Stand with Kentucky Teachers

Since 2016, Kentucky Republicans have been waging a full-on war against our public schools and public school educators.

It started with charter school legislation in 2017 and continued with drastic cuts to education programs and higher education in the latest budget. And let’s not forget the cuts to pension benefits, snuck into a sewer bill at the last minute. How about when Gov. Bevin completely replaced the state Board of Education, who in turn ousted a respected education commissioner because he wasn’t political enough for them?

In contrast, Kentucky Democrats have stood with our public educators, including the dozens of them running as Democrats this year.

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The fact is, as a product of Kentucky public schools, these attacks are personal for me. Our schools, no matter what level, aren’t profit centers meant to let the rich get richer. Our public schools are meant to help people climb out of generational poverty, to improve themselves and their lives, to foster conversation and progress.

But as long as Republicans control both the State House and State Senate, they will continue to cut education programs while letting their wealthy donors profit off the scraps. And in order to overcome that, we must vote for Democrats who support public education.

Without strong public schools, most of us wouldn’t be where we are today. Let’s ensure that opportunity survives for future generations.

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