July 28, 2020 Blog, Press Release

What They’re Saying About McConnell’s Failure on the Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill

After dragging his feet for three months, Mitch McConnell finally unveiled a Republican response to much-needed relief while the COVID-19 pandemic rages on in America.

Almost immediately, the legislation became a failure as it was exposed as McConnell’s typical response to any federal issue — bail out the rich and starve everyone else.

Here’s what they are saying about McConnell’s failure of leadership: 










In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said McConnell’s failure to lead during the pandemic gives further reason for Kentuckians to vote for new leadership this November.

“Kentuckians are hurting. They need real leadership, not someone who puts politics above their economic well-being in the middle of a dangerous situation or takes weekends off during a pandemic,” McNee said. “Kentucky deserves a real leader like Amy McGrath who will fight for them every day, not just when it’s convenient.”