November 1, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Why is Bevin Flying The State Plane To His Political Rally Today?

Matt Bevin just can’t stop secretly using the state plane as his own play toy.

Today the taxpayer-funded state plane filed a flight plan for 1:30pm today from Frankfort to arrive in London at 2:00pm, according to public flight tracking. Bevin has a rally scheduled in London at 3:30pm today.

Bevin needs to come clean and explain the purpose of this flight and who is paying for it.

This comes as Bevin has been under fire for using the taxpayer-funded state plane for political and personal reasons. Bevin has used the plane to fly to fundraisers, his vacation home in Maine, and political events across the country.

Never one to miss an insult, Bevin told Kentuckians it was “none of their business” how he used the state plane. Then Bevin handed over a partial list of his trips, that left off many of his fundraisers and personal travel on the taxpayer-funded plane.

“Matt Bevin needs to explain why he keeps disrespecting Kentucky taxpayers by using the state plane to prop up his failing campaign,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Marisa McNee. “Days before the election, Bevin is doubling down on the insults that remind Kentuckians why has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the country. Bevin needs to stop using the state plane as his personal play toy and apologize to Kentucky taxpayers immediately.”