U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth and Mayor Greg Fischer, along with Kentucky House Rep. Mary Lou Marzian invite you to join them in supporting Greg Stumbo for Kentucky Attorney General.
at the home of Nicki Marzian and Rashid Derricks.

R.s.v.p. to: RSVP@StumboForAG.com or (859) 608-6542

All contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated

Please make checks out to:
Stumbo for Attorney General
PO Box 54574
Lexington KY 40555

Or donate online:


~~Host Committee~~

Congressman John & Cathy Yarmuth,

Mayor Greg Fischer & Alex Gerassimides,

Kentucky Representatives Mary Lou & Bill Marzian

and Rick & Vicky Rand


Britt and Mary Brockman

Maggie Woods and

Frank Shoop

Skip and Joyce Berry

Cathy Allgood

Joyce Bridge

Lindy Casebier

Kate Cunningham

Nicki Marzian and Rashid Derricks

Harriette Friedlander

Bob Gunnell

Michael Hance

Ched and Allison Jennings

David Karem

Jane Lapinski

Amy Lapinski

Anne and Tony Lindauer

Jessica Loving

Anne Maron

David Nicholson

Darryl Owens

Bob Stocker

Patty Stocker

Jim Wayne

Marsha Weinstein

Dona Wells

Alexandra Whitman

Virginia Woodward

Colleen Younger

~~Kentucky Senators~~

Denise Harper Angel

Morgan McGarvey

Gerald Neal

~~Kentucky House Representatives~~

Minority Leader Rocky Adkins

Tina Bojanowski

Charles Booker

Tom Burch

McKenzie Cantrell

Terri Branham Clark

Jeff Donahue

Al Gentry

Derrick Graham

Angie Hatton

Kathy Hinkle

Joni Jenkins

Nima Kulkarni

Ashley Tackett Laferty

Reggie Meeks

Charles Miller

Patti Minter

Ruth Ann Palumbo

Josie Raymond

Maria Sorolis

Cherlynn Stevenson

Susan Westrom

Lisa Willner

Contributions and gifts to Stumbo for Attorney General are not tax deductible. We may accept contributions from an individual totaling up to $2,000 per election cycle. Kentucky law prohibits contributions from corporations; from any person contributing another person’s funds; from foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status; and from state government contractors. To comply with Kentucky law, we must use our best efforts to obtain, maintain and submit the name, address, occupation and employer for individuals and their spouse when personal contributions exceed $100 per election cycle.


3020 Hayfield Dr.
Louisville, KY 40205-2810

Date & Time
July 1, 2019 6:00 pm
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