Dozens of organizations who care about this issue will come to the capitol to speak out in favor of voting rights of people with felonies in their past. Most of the speakers will be people who themselves have lost the right to vote – some of the 312,000 Kentuckians who can’t vote now.

There’s a Governor’s race this year, so we’ll particularly put pressure on candidates to support voting rights, encouraging them to use their power to issue blanket pardons and streamline the process.


Pre-rally: People with felonies in their past will gather outside the front door of the Capitol (700 Capitol Ave, Frankfort, KY) starting as early as noon for rotating video interviews, or inside the rotunda starting at 1pm.

Rally: 2pm to 3pm we’ll have a rally inside in the Capitol Rotunda (700 Capitol Ave, Frankfort, KY) with singing and hearing people who have lost their right to vote tell their personal stories– We’ll deliver our messages to Governor Bevin, calling on him to use his power as Governor to reinstate the streamlined process for rights restoration that he overturned when he got elected.

After: There will be an optional debrief meeting in the capitol annex afterwards at 3:30pm

Please fill out the form to let us know you are coming –

If you’re someone with a felony in their past and you’d like to speak at the rally, please reach out to KFTC Democracy Organizer Dave Newton at or 859-420-8919 as soon as possible. We’ll be hosting an online spokesperson training on Monday 3/11 at 7pm EST to help people tell their stories.


700 Capital Ave
Frankfort, KY 40601-3448

Date & Time
March 13, 2019 2:00 pm
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