September 14, 2022 Blog, In The News, Media, Press Release

2023 GOP Candidates for Governor Must Come Clean, Answer Major Questions

Kentuckians deserve to know if other candidates share Deters’ extreme views

At “Freedom Fest” last weekend, unhinged extremist gubernatorial candidate Eric Deters joined fellow far-right radicals to claim that the 2020 election had been stolen and that those who violently attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021 were merely tourists. He also falsely claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine is dangerous, rejecting sound science to the contrary.


“Eric Deters’ extremist rants are filled with dangerous conspiracy theories, but at least he is clear with Kentuckians about where he stands,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge. “The same can’t be said of other challengers. They need to come clean to the people of Kentucky and stop hiding where they truly stand.”


Out of the entire 2023 GOP and independent gubernatorial field, Eric Deters is the only candidate to have answered all of the following yes or no questions:


  1. Was the 2020 presidential election stolen?
  2. Was January 6 an unlawful attack on our Capitol?
  3. Do you support a total ban on abortion rights, with zero exceptions for rape or incest?
  4. Are vaccines safe and effective?


“These are not political questions. These are questions rooted in our fundamental belief in democracy and the rights of women, girls and Kentuckians across our commonwealth to be treated equally under the law with dignity and safety,” said Elridge.


Every other challenger in the race for governor should be asked where they stand: on the side of truth, or the side of selfish partisan ambition.