June 25, 2018 Media

Back to common ground with common sense

Pat Banks wants the Legislature to get back to common ground with common sense.

Banks is running for the state’s 73rd House District which includes Clark County and part of Madison County.

“I am running for state representative in Kentucky’s 73rd District because I care about the health of our families, our communities, and our state,” Pat Banks said. “I want to fight for the basic principles of our democracy—fairness, equality, respect for others, and government that comes from and protects all of its citizens, not just a select few.”

Living on the banks of the Kentucky River between Clark and Madison Counties, Banks is a professional artist, a small-business owner, and a mother.

She owns Pat Banks Watercolor and has founded two nonprofits, Gallery on Main and the Kentucky Riverkeeper.

Banks has served on the state’s Kentucky River Authority Board and is a founding member of the Kentucky River Water Trail Alliance.

She’s supported and worked with civic organizations including Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence Program, the Liberty Place Recovery Center for Women, Habitat for Humanity, and Hospice.

Serving as an artist-in-residence in schools throughout Clark and Madison counties, Banks teaching art workshops for children.

“This past legislative session has made it clear that our current representatives in Frankfort are not doing their jobs for the people of Kentucky,” Banks said. “They are not investing in our children’s education, they’re cutting it. They are not supporting our teachers, public workers, firefighters and police officers. They are attacking their economic well-being and pension security.

“On issue after issue—the opioid crisis, our neglected infrastructure, fair taxation, protecting our natural resources, healthcare, school safety, a living wage and good jobs—they are failing to address the fundamental problems that face our citizens.”

Banks wants her constituents in the 73rd House District to have a say in how the state spends our tax dollars and establishes its priorities.

“Every child deserves a fair and equal chance in life. Every family has a right to basic health and security. To keep moving forward, we must have a good workforce and that means a healthy workforce and an educated workforce,” Banks said. “I believe that we can bring our Democratic traditions together with our entrepreneurial spirit to find solutions to our problems. We need to get back to common sense and find common ground.”

For more information about Bank’s campaign, visit her website, Facebook page or follow her on Twitter. Email her campaign at electpatbanks@gmail.com.