June 20, 2018 Media

Belcher will end attacks on working families

Elizabeth Belcher will fight for working families.

Belcher is running for the state’s 14th House District representing all of Ohio County and part of Daviess County.

Once elected, Belcher will replace Republican Rep. Matt Castlen who voted for the sewage pension bill that he and the Republican majority steamrolled through the Legislature in less than six hours.

Castlen also voted for a tax increase on 95 percent of Kentuckians while giving a $500-million tax break to corporations and the wealthy.

After seeing the attacks on Kentuckians, Belcher knew she must step forward.

“The last Legislative sessions resulted in an unprecedented attack on working people in Kentucky, resulting in the lowering of wages, reduction in workers compensation benefits, right-to-work for less and the repeal of prevailing wages among just a few bills passed,” Belcher said. “This is the reason for my decision to run for state representative — to fight for working families.”

She knows how the decisions in Frankfort will impact Kentuckians. She has a pension in the County Employee Retirement System. She also knows about issues relating to health insurance and workers compensation benefits.

Belcher has administered employee benefit programs including health insurance, an employee assistance and workers compensation programs.

Belcher works in Owensboro as a certified occupational safety and health nurse specialist. She has worked as a medical officer and loss-prevention manager.

She’s administered work health and safety programs emphasizing Injury prevention and wellness for city employees, including police and firefighters.  

Fighting for the interests of all Kentuckians, Belcher has served on the board of directors of the Governor’s Health and Safety Network; the Daviess County Health Department Board of Directors; the Parish Council Immaculate Catholic Church; the University of Louisville Environmental Board as Daviess County representative and volunteered at the Owensboro V A Clinic.

She currently serves on the board of directors of the Audubon Federal Credit Union, on the Daviess County Democratic Party Executive Committee and on the executive board of the grassroots organization of Indivisible Owensboro.

For more information about Belcher’s campaign visit her website,  Facebook page or email.