June 20, 2018 Media

Brown will end 21-year grip on House District

Ronel Brown, has served 20 years as a Louisville professional firefighter.

Brown is running for the state’s 29th House District representing part of Jefferson County.

His election victory would end the 21-year grip a Republican incumbent has held on the district.

He spent more than 30 years as part of the Louisville Fire and Rescue both as a captain and as a public information coordinator.

Brown had never considered running for political office, he’s a public servant at heart. But when he saw how the current incumbent had turned his back on working-class Kentuckians, he stepped forward.

If he could do anything, Brown knew he could advocate for those who are poor, the working middle class and educators.  

“I’m currently employed by JCPS assisting students with autism at DuPont Manual High School. As your state representative, I will advocate to protect free public education, I oppose any type of state takeover of our school system. I won’t turn my back on state workers,” Brown said. “I will petition to reinstate fully-funded defined benefit pensions, repeal Bevin’s modified Medicaid plan, and oppose the attacks on hard-working family wages.”

Brown will be the fresh blood needed in Frankfort to stand for working-class Kentuckians.

Gov. Bevin and the Republican majority have forgotten, according to Brown, that the working middle-class and labor job fuel and grow the state’s economy.

In an interview with My Old Kentucky Podcast, Brown said once elected he would also address the need for a culture change in Frankfort — working across the aisle.

“What I’ve seen, the problems our legislators are having is they really don’t want to talk to each other. They only talk at each other,” Brown said.

“As a public information officer, when I had to give the bad news to the family of someone who had been injured, you would really try to listen more so than talk. Hopefully, I would be able to listen to my colleagues across the aisle, as well as, to my constituents in my district and foster relationships. A lot of the issues people are facing here in Jefferson County, people are also facing in Whitley County and Owen County. We have some of the same issues impacting our lives. Hopefully, we work together and get those things solved.”

He’s been endorsed by the IAFF Louisville Professional Firefighters, the Louisville Federation of Retired Firefighters, GLCLC, Kentucky State AFL-CIO, Kentucky State UAW (CAP) Council, Communications Workers of America, Ironworkers Local #70, and Teamsters Local Union #783.

“To have the support and endorsements of these mighty collective bargaining organizations is very encouraging,” Brown said.  Together I’m confident we will keep the ‘Blue Wave’ going.

For more information about Brown’s campaign visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.