June 4, 2018 Media

Compton runs to fix struggles put on Kentucky’s working families

Stephanie Compton is running for the state’s 14th Senate District seat serving Casey, Marion, Nelson, Spencer and Jefferson counties.  

For Compton, the struggles on our families are too great to ignore or accept.  Wages remain stagnant while utility costs and access to basic needs like water and housing are being corrupted.  

The budget cuts will dismantle community services such as public schools, libraries, animal shelters and our firefighters.  

Compton decided to run to ensure the working class will have a voice and vote at the table.  

“I have discovered some wonderful organizations in Kentucky and intend to refer to them for guidance in the legislative process,” Compton said. “ I am a member with Kentuckians for The Commonwealth, ACLU-KY, Common Cause and Moms Demand Action.”

As an advocate for working-class Kentuckians and public education, Compton will work to make Kentucky a better place for families and their children to work and succeed.

“We need safe jobs that pay a living wage so we can strive to be self-sufficient in our pursuit of happiness,” Compton said. “We need employers to invest in our communities ~ not to buy our politicians and committees that will vote down all chances of earning higher wages, health insurance, pensions or our efforts to unionize.”  

For more information about Compton visit her website , Facebook or follow her on Twitter.