June 26, 2018 Media

Coulson’s race for fair, prosperous state

Greg Coulson knew it was time for him to be the change needed in Kentucky’s Legislature.

Coulson is running for the state’s 78th House District seat representing Harrison and Pendleton Counties and part of Scott County.

Born in Japan to parents serving in the military, Coulson graduated from Williamstown High School, Murray State University, and Chase College of Law in northern Kentucky.  

For the first half of his career, Greg worked as a public-interest lawyer serving individuals who could not afford an attorney in western Kentucky and then in Cynthiana.  

Coulson has spent the majority of his career guarding against government overreach, fighting insurance companies and working with folks dealing with addiction.

“I decided to run after I saw what was happening to working people and education in Kentucky,” said Greg. “I come from working folks and worked my way through school. I saw charter schools, right to work, and other terrible pieces of legislation coming down the pipeline that threatened the progress we’ve made here in the last 20 years.

“Now, we just saw them raise taxes on working folks and the poor in order to give a tax cut to the rich.  I knew it was time to put up or shut up so I’m running to change things and help Kentucky be a fair and prosperous place to raise a family.”

Like many Democratic candidates, Coulson has vocally spoken out against the House Republicans’ sewage pension bill recently found unconstitutional.

“On the very last day they were planning on meeting, they took an 11-page sewage bill. They stuffed a 291-pension bill into it, did exactly the opposite of what a majority of people had called and asked them not to do,” Coulson said. “They passed a bill in secret, took away the benefits promised to current teachers, but also harmed the ability of our school systems to recruit and retain future teachers. I’ve never seen such outrage at the state level.”

During the last four years, he has operated his own small business.  He has been married to Courtnie Coulson for nine years and has a four-year-old daughter named Molly.

Coulson’s candidacy was endorsed by the Kentucky AFL-CIO ‘s Committee On Public Education for his commitment to protecting the working rights of Kentucky’s men and women.

For more information about Coulson’s campaign visit his website,  Facebook page, contact his campaign by email or follow him on Twitter.