June 6, 2018 Media

Dupont ready to write a new chapter for state Senate

 Carolyn Dupont believes the state has failed in its responsibility to educate students and honor teachers’ pensions.

An Eastern Kentucky University American history professor, Dupont is running for the state’s 22nd Senate District seat which includes Mercer, Jessamine and Washington counties and part of Fayette County.

“Education starts with preschool,” Dupont said. “Everyone suffers when education is cut. Without adequate education, our competitive status is inferior and the state cannot begin to move out from the bottom.”

Dupont believes that high-quality education in Kentucky can be achieved when the state stops giving tax breaks to corporations that don’t give the state back as much in return.

A suitable tax code will generate enough funding, Dupont said, for a quality education, safe and sound infrastructure, a healthy environment and public services state residents need.


Additionally, the state’s tax code should be fair — those who struggle on the low ends of the economic ladder shouldn’t pay the same tax rate as the state’s top earners.

According to Dupont, the needed tax reforms have been stymied because some legislators, like the Republican incumbent she will unseat, have signed a pledge to vote against any and all efforts to increase the tax burden equitably.

“This can fund public schools,” Dupont said. “We need a tax reform that reflects the 21st -century economy.”

That includes taxes on luxury services and a law that does not favor certain groups. While she admits that the devil is in the details, there are many ways to bring in more revenue. In effect, Dupont believes “cutting education is tantamount to being inhumane.”


An educator of educators, Dupont’s former students serve in K-12 classrooms across Kentucky. She’s an award-winning author and a proud resident of Jessamine County.

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