June 28, 2018 Media

Dustin Allen: Public education is the best investment

Dustin Allen would tell anyone he’s just a working person like everyone else, but he’s one of the many teachers from rural Kentucky who decided to run for office because Gov. Bevin and the Republican majority are out of touch with everyday Kentuckians. 

Allen is running for the state’s 87th House District seat which includes part of Harlan County and all of Bell County.

There are many reasons I decided to run for state representative in HD 87, in and around Pineville. First and foremost,  is the fact that it seems the legislature has lost touch with the reality of life for regular people,” Allen said.

“Next, I saw what was going on with the attacks to public education. As a society, public education is the best investment we can make.”

Allen isn’t out of touch with working-class people. He’s a science teacher at North Laurel High School who drives from Bell County to work each day.

Allen has stood out in the cold at home and in the Capitol to protest the cuts to education. Allen said he decided to run so he could protect public education.

He told The Sentinel-Echo that “education is an investment in our community and the children. We can’t cut off the investment,” as it the only opportunity children in his district have for a better life.

“There isn’t a lot about me that stands out from everyone else,” Allen said. “I have had several jobs before I started teaching school. They include retail, construction, and corrections. I’m just a regular working person like most other people. I have pretty conservative social values but I’m a Democrat because I support things like labor unions, public education, and workers rights.”

While Allen has concentrated on the attacks on public education, there are other issues he will focus on for his district.

“We have a horrible problem with drug addiction, miners and former miners suffering with black lung, very few good paying jobs, and many other things to work on to make our area a better place,” Allen said. “Southeast Kentucky is where I was born and it’s where I’ll live my life and die. I’ve never had any desire to live anywhere else. I want to leave it in better shape for our children and to do that we must start with protecting their right to a good public education.”

The Kentucky AFL-CIO Committee on Public Education and the United Auto Workers Community Action Program have endorsed Allen as an ally for the hard-working women and men of Kentucky.

For more information about Allen’s campaign visit his Facebook page.