June 25, 2018 Media

Economic, physical health remain Henriquez’s focus

Roberto Henriquez will protect public education, Kentucky’s working families and focus on improving the health of his constituents including finding a solution to the opioid scourge on our state.

Henriquez is running for the state’s 66th House District which represents part of Boone County.

With northern Kentucky roots that run deep, Henriquez’s fourth great grandfather settled in northern Kentucky after fighting in the Revolutionary War. His family stayed in the region where he grew up and graduated from  Boone County High School.

“I have three key focuses as I move forward with my campaign. The first is fully funding public education,” Henriquez said. “The fact is that public education has not been properly funded while the budget was under the control of either political party and I think that it is about time that we see the importance of education for our children and their futures.”

By properly funding our public education system, Kentucky is better prepared for a future of economic success, according to Henriquez. Foreign business investment will not occur unless companies feel that Kentucky has a reliable, teachable working population. We are not weak in this regard, but we can certainly be stronger.

“This leads me to the second focus of my campaign: Aiding and protecting the average worker,” Henriquez said. “We must raise the minimum wage in Kentucky so that people who are working full-time jobs will be able to afford a basic two-bedroom apartment, something that should not be seen as a privilege. The financial instability that the current minimum wage encourages is simply not acceptable.

“Secondly, labor unions must be supported. I am proud to be backed by the Northern Kentucky Labor Council and the AFL-CIO, along with the UAW. However, this does not mean the fight is won. This simply means that unions persist as the only viable protection for workers’ rights in this state.”

The final focus for Henriquez’s campaign: the general health of the people in Boone County and throughout Kentucky.

“I want to contribute to a genuine solution to the opioid crisis that has abused this state for much too long. I am tired of hearing about high school students, brothers, mothers, fathers, and friends dying from overdoses,” Henriquez said. “Needle-exchange programs are the only study-backed solution shown to be effective and are already working in parts of the state.

“A needle-exchange program achieves two things. The first is it decreases the number of cases of HIV contraction through bad needle usage. It is more cost-effective than treatment of the rapidly increasing number of cases. Needle exchange programs also offer a pathway to rehab when they choose to enter.”

Henriquez attended Georgetown College, earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts with a minor in business. He returned home and studied at Northern Kentucky University and earned his Masters of Art in Teaching, as well as a Rank II teaching certificate.

He worked as a substitute teacher for Boone County high school before joining the full-time faculty at Larry A. Ryle High School, where he taught business and technology classes.

Henriquez’s career turned to the Information Technology field. He worked for a variety of large corporations, such as Microsoft, GE Aircraft Engines, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

He currently works as a support analyst for GreenSky Credit.

For more information about Henriquez’s campaign visit his website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter. Email his campaign at robertohenriquez.ky@gmail.com.