June 14, 2018 Media

Emmons : Cooperation benefits Kentucky

Martha Emmons used to think those representing Kentucky were capable of making good decisions until she saw what happened this year in Frankfort.

Emmons is running to represent western Kentucky’s state 3rd House District covering part of McCracken County.

She considers herself an optimist who thought those representing her were more capable of making good decisions than herself.

However, with the current state of affairs in Frankfort, she has changed her mind.

“The whole country is suffering from bad decisions,” Emmons said,  and the House seat “is a natural extension of the nearly 40 years I’ve spent in community service and business.”

Kentucky is a beautiful place, and according to Emmons, living here should offer a quality

of life among the top in the nation.  To make that happen, we must address the needs of every citizen, always remembering we are more alike than different, and using our shared goodness to build greater good for great numbers.

Emmons has been changing the world one child, one family and one project at a time since she started her first paid job at the Fleming County library at 14. She has worked in agriculture; education; child care; government; theater; public relations; carpentry; journalism, medical and retail.

Once elected, Emmons will make education her first priority since these efforts have the greatest impact. Long term issues include health care, the state budget, the environment, wages and infrastructure.

These issues, Emmons believes, don’t stand alone. They need to be addressed in tandem.  

“If people aren’t able to get health care, they can’t work which drives down the economy. If we don’t pay living wages workers will leave Kentucky,” Emmons said. “When the population decreases, there is a shrinking tax base and little new ventures among the population who stays among other problems.”

Emmons coached the Paducah Tilghman High School Speech and Debate Team for 11 years, and served on the School Based Decision Making Council for seven years. She is a former University of Kentucky County Extension Agent for 4-H.

She owns a business with her husband in Paducah and has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a teaching degree in speech and drama from Morehead State University. For more information on Emmons visit her website or Facebook.