June 14, 2018 Media

Goddard : People are worth an investment from the bottom up

Charlotte Goddard’s platform is based on her fundamental belief, “Our people are worth an investment from the bottom up.”

Goddard is running for the state’s 2nd House District covering Graves County and part of McCracken County.

An elementary school teacher, Goddard calls Republican cuts to education draconian.

Goddard will fight to adequately fund and protect K-12 public schools.

“Our children deserve high quality, fully funded public schools with qualified teachers,” Goddard said.

As a teacher, Goddard has seen the impacts of legislation on Kentucky’s schoolchildren, their families and the school system. She’s seen the toll the demands for more with fewer resources take on education.

Like so many Kentucky educators, Goddard opposes charter schools, which rob public schools of much needed public funds.

But she’s also standing with working-class Kentuckians who have seen a loss of jobs and reduction in wages as a result of legislation by the Republican majority’s agenda.

The United Auto Workers Community Action Program has endorsed her candidacy for the 2nd District as Goddard supports and will protect organized labor and the rights of workers in Kentucky through direct actions such as repealing right-to-work legislation and reinstating the prevailing wage.

Goddard will increase the negotiating and bargaining power of workers for more favorable work conditions across our state.

She’s pledged to protect the Medicaid expansion, which assures healthcare for vulnerable populations such as children, pregnant women, disabled and low-income families. She will work to find solutions to affordable healthcare in Kentucky.

Once elected, Goddard will work to increase the minimum wage, including tipped workers, to a livable wage.

“You can count on me to be a strong voice for working people,” said Goddard, who lives near Pottsville in north Graves County and teaches at Caldwell County Elementary School in Princeton.

Regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, religion, career choice, educational attainment or abilities, Goddard said she wants to be a voice for all communities in her district, for all Kentuckians.

Once in office, Goddard will increase civic engagement to give the power of the government back to the hands of the people.

Goddard is married to her husband Billy, an RN working at Western Baptist Hospital. They have two children ages 18 and 8.

She and her family have seen jobs and insurance come and go, worked through financial hardships and medical emergencies.  These trials taught Goddard the value of work and sacrifice, a value she would bring to the 2nd District as their next representative.

For more information on Goddard please visit her website, Facebook page, or contact her campaign.