June 25, 2018 Media

Government should work for working families

James DeWeese wants government to work for working families.

DeWeese is running for the state’s 50th House District representing all of Nelson County.

He met his wife Christy while the couple worked at UPS. He’s a union representative for Teamsters Local 89 representing thousands of working women and men throughout southern Indiana and Kentucky.

DeWeese’s opponent, Republican incumbent Rep. Chad McCoy voted in favor of the sewage pension bill affecting 200,000 Kentuckians from teachers, first responders, public employees and their families.

McCoy also voted for right-to-work legislation crippling working-class Kentuckians ability to bargain for fair wages and good benefits.

“The reason I am running to be your state representative is simple, I want to make government work for working families,” DeWeese said. “Throughout my career as a Labor leader, I have been fighting for the best interest of the working women and men of Kentucky. I will take that same passion to fight for you in Frankfort as an advocate for public education, workers rights and solving our growing opioid crisis.”

DeWeese’s opponent also voted in 2017 for the passage of the bill repealing the prevailing wage – driving down wages Kentucky workers would make on public construction projects.

As a result of his commitment to protecting Kentucky’s working-class families, the Kentucky AFL-CIO has endorsed DeWeese’s candidacy.

“While politicians in Frankfort continue to pass legislation that hurts working families, we here in Nelson County are suffering. I pledge that if you elect me to be your voice in Frankfort, I will be a representative that you can be proud of,” DeWeese said. “I will always fight for the best interest of Nelson County and put people above politics.”

For more information about DeWeese visit his website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.