June 6, 2018 Media

Haddix hopes to put Kentuckians’ needs back on the legislative agenda

According to Susan Byrne Haddix, elected officials don’t understand how the majority of Americans live.

Kentuckians have a right to a free, high-quality education just as food security and clean drinking water are rights, not privileges. Without these basic rights as set as priorities for our state residents, Kentuckians, according to Haddix, will only continue to suffer.

Haddix is running for the state’s 34th Senate District seat which includes all of Madison and Rockcastle counties and the southeastern corner of Fayette County.     

“Beginning when I was a 6-year-old girl scout, I pledged to serve my country and to help people at all times,” Haddix said. “There has been an outright attack on the people of America. Cuts to earned benefits like Social Security, Medicare, and pensions result in widespread pain that many depend on for existence.”

Pensions and Social Security are her top issues. For Haddix, both are funded by her individual contributions.

“They are not an arbitrary disbursement of tax dollars. I and several of the voters I have talked to are very tired of the outright attack on our well-being as we age, Haddix said. “The majority of us baby boomers did what we were supposed to do. We worked hard knowing that we were earning a right to retire at a reasonable age with the expectation for sufficient benefits for a tolerable life.”    

Haddix is a retired math and physics high school teacher. She retired from Madison Central High School after teaching for 30 years.

She first thought about running for office a year ago when WIC  was cut —  a federal grant program for states providing supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women. The program also aids infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk.

Our elected officials, Haddix said, took food away from Kentucky’s children.

“I think the government has an obligation to do what’s best for the majority.  It is criminal to give billionaires tax breaks by taking food out of our babies’ mouths,” Haddix said.

“By giving new tax breaks for people and corporations who don’t need them, Kentucky’s budget and pension funds could easily be balanced in less than a year.”

For more information about Haddix visit her Facebook page.