June 29, 2018 Media

Harris works hard for hard-working families

One of the General Assembly’s strongest advocates for every-day working Kentuckians, state Rep. Chris Harris’ 93rd House District lies deep in the heart of Appalachia’s coal fields, hugging the Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia borders.  

After 12 years as a Pike County magistrate, where he fought to expose corruption and make county government more transparent and accountable, Chris ran for state representative in 2014, defeating a 14-year entrenched incumbent in a hard-fought primary campaign.  

In the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, Chris was one of the few Democrats in Appalachia to win reelection. Harris demonstrated the depth of his support by defeating his Republican challenger, at the same time Trump carried his House District with more than 80 percent of the vote.  

After his strong victory, Chris has spoken to Democratic groups across the nation, sharing his values, his perspective on how Democrats can win in America’s rural heartland and the need for our national party to once again respect and embrace moderate and conservative Democrats if it ever hopes to win and sustain a governing majority.

While Chris’ honest and down-to-earth style has won many legislative allies during his two short terms in the General Assembly, it is his fearlessness when standing up for working people and his courage to speak truth to power, despite the political consequences, that has earned a statewide following.  

When it comes to the endless war being waged by Governor Bevin and the big corporations against Kentucky workers and public education, Chris has been a warrior, fighting to defend Kentucky’s teachers and school children, working families and seniors living on fixed incomes.  

Chris and his wife Leslie live at Forest Hills, in Pike County, with their three children, Corbin, Wilson and Emma.

For more information about Harris’ campaign, visit his website, contact his campaign by email, visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.