June 26, 2018 Media

Hinkle sees eastern Kentucky’s potential

Kathy Hinkle thinks all hard-working people in her district deserve to know where lawmakers stand on issues mattering to them.

Hinkle is running for the state’s 96th House District which includes Carter and Lawrence Counties.

As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, Hinkle sees the potential for development in eastern Kentucky. She looks forward to what she and her constituents may be able to do together to enhance their opportunities.  

“With my experience and leadership roles in community organizations, my strong faith, and my commitment to working hard, I will dedicate myself to seeing that the 96th District gets its fair share,” Hinkle said. “I have a background that demonstrates commitment.”

That commitment includes active roles in her community.

Hinkle has served as a substitute teacher,  director-education specialist for Eastern Kentucky Child Assault Prevention and has served as the program director for the nonprofit for the last 17 years.

She’s served on the Facilities Planning Committee for the Lawrence County Board of Education and as president of the Democratic Woman’s Club of Kentucky. Hinkle has also served on the Youth Service Committee for the Lawrence County High School and Louisa Middle School.

She’s taught Sunday School for more than 30 years and has remained an active member of the First Baptist Church of Louisa for over 50 years.  

“I have a passion for making our communities the very best that they can be,” Hinkle said. “In order to do this, we must support education and also improve our local economy.  Educational support starts with funding for both our teachers and students. Starting at the state level, I believe that we have to honor our commitments to both teachers and students. The recent ruling overturning SB 151 is a victory. Teachers and public workers deserve to have their contracts honored.”

Hinkle believes an with an educated workforce comes an opportunity to improve our economy.  

“If our communities are to improve, we need to ensure that our best and brightest have opportunities to stay in our communities if they choose,” Hinkle said. “In addition, we are blessed with natural resources in east Kentucky.  We have coal, oil, natural gas, timber, agriculture, and a great potential for tourism development. Using these resources along with the continuation of an already strong public education system we have the necessary tools to improve Carter and Lawrence Counties.”

For more information about Hinkle’s campaign visit her website, contact by email or visit her Facebook page.