January 20, 2021 Media

KDP Statement on Inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris

Today, our nation turned the page on a deeply dark and divisive era in our history and in doing so have begun the journey to healing and restoring the soul of our nation.

President Joe Biden has spoken to the need of our nation to come together and work together with all we have to rebuild our nation. As our nation still mourns over 400,000 souls lost to COVID, including more than 3,100 of our fellow Kentuckians, President Biden reminded us all that we are one nation and that in unity we can defeat any foe, including an invisible and deadly one. I have known President Biden for over a decade and what we saw today is what we can expect from his administration and leadership is who he is. His passion for our nation, his commitment to care for us all, regardless of where we come from, what we look like, who we love, or even who you voted for, is what he is made of and the exact kind of leader our fractured nation needs.

We celebrate the historic swearing-in of Vice-President Kamala Harris, as our nation’s first female Vice-President and the first person of color and first South-Asian to serve in the second-highest office in the land. Vice-President Harris is an inspiration for us all and a reminder that we have it within our capacity to fight passionately for what we believe in and to break barriers for future generations. As my two sons, my wife, and I sat and watched history, watching a woman in whose face I see my own mother and sister, I was reminded that this is the America Dr. King envisioned, and this is a role-model every child, regardless of gender, can aspire to be like.

There is no doubt we will have troubled days ahead. There are still those among us convinced the 2020 presidential election was stolen and no facts will infiltrate that ignorance. There are still those who wish harm to this brand new administration, our democratic norms, and our sacred institutions, and there will be no rationalizing their unpatriotic and pathetic attempts to terrorize America.

Yet, President Biden and Vice President Harris are uniquely suited to, even in these troubled times ahead, lead and heal.

As Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, as an American, and as a Kentuckian, I am proud to have cast my vote for our new President and Vice President, and on behalf of our party, extend our congratulations, best wishes, and continuous prayers for them, their families, all who will serve this administration, and for our nation.