February 13, 2021 Media

KDP Statement on McConnell and Paul Vote to Acquit Trump

The following is a statement from Colmon Elridge, Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party:

“Today, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul voted to side with domestic terrorists who attacked our U.S. Capitol — an attack that led to the death of several Capitol Police officers. Never in the history of our nation have those responsible for upholding the rule of law and the faith of our union waves the flag of surrender to terrorists, until today.

Right now in jails and prisons across America, innocent black and brown Americans are imprisoned for the crime of being people of color and poor. If we ever questioned whether or not justice is blind, it is clear justice has been perverted by those in power to see clearly and apply different standards. That justice cannot be done even when our nation is under attack, should shake every coward who attacked our Capitol and every coward who in casting their votes for acquittal sided with terrorists, simply because those terrorists were Republicans and Trump sympathizers.

For all of their rhetoric and bluster, both men showed no moral conviction today and should be ashamed. History will forever list them as cowards who caved to the mob they so desperately try to use to stoke fear in Kentuckians. Make no mistake about it, history will view these cowards as traitors to our union no different than Benedict Arnold or Jefferson Davis.

The GOP, who claim to be the “Party of Lincoln”, forget that Lincoln gave all he had to hold our union together, forsaking politics for what was right. Today, those who invoke the name of Lincoln voted to tear our union apart for the sake of politics and fidelity, not to our country, but to one pathetic man.”