March 6, 2021 Media

KDP Statement on One Year Anniversary of First COVID-19 Case in the Commonwealth

The following is a statement from Colmon Elridge, chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party:

“The past year has challenged our Commonwealth, country, world, in ways we could have never imagined. Although we’ve seen some politicize the pandemic and response, we’ve also seen the best of our Commonwealth. We’ve prayed together, zoomed, supported locally owned businesses, organized drive-by celebrations, and have seen real Kentucky superheroes in the form of our educators, healthcare providers, and all frontline workers.

We’ve been blessed as a Commonwealth by Governor Andy Beshear’s leadership during this difficult time. Led by his faith and belief in the people of Kentucky, Governor Beshear put politics aside. Through his transparency and honesty, along with his bold and compassionate actions, he’s undoubtedly saved many lives and has served as a national model for leading through this crisis.

Today and everyday we mourn with the families of those Kentuckians lost to COVID-19. We lift them in prayer and hold in our hearts a pledge to remember them and their loved ones. We also hold in our hearts those who have survived COVID, and are grateful for their recovery, understanding that surviving may still come with lingering challenges.

There remain many health, emotional, and economic challenges ahead of us, yet we are reminded of Governor Beshear’s pledge to us that serves as a guiding light through this and anything else we might endure: we will get through this, we’ll get through this together.”